A Cure? (Instrumental)
Ancient Grounds (Instrumental)
A Strange Device (Instrumental)
Be Silent, Be Still
Best Safety Lies in Fear
By the Sword
Castle Down
Cold (Instrumental)
Come Away
Dead is the New Alive
Dominant (Instrumental)
Don't Blame Me
Epilogue (Instrumental)
Epilogue: What If?
Face the Wall (Instrumental)
Faces Like Mine
Fight Like a Girl
Find Me a Man
Gaslight Reprise (Instrumental)
Gentlemen Aren't Nice
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Gloomy Sunday
God Help Me
Gothic Lolita
Goodnight, Sweet Ladies
Heard it All
Hell is Empty (Instrumental)
Hollow Like My Soul
How Strange
I Don't Understand
I Know Where You Sleep
I Lost My Mind But I Found My Body
I Want My Innocence Back
If I Burn
If You Feel Better
In Reality
In the Lake
Lady Anne
Leech Jar (Instrumental)
Let it Die
Let the Record Show
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Manic Depression (Instrumental)
Marry Me
Misery Loves Company
Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches
My Fairweather Friend
Never You Mind
O Mistress Mine
On a Day... (Instrumental)
One Foot in Front of The Other
One Foot in the Grave
Organ Grinder (Instrumental)
Photographic Memory
Prologue (Instrumental)
Prologue: Across the Sky
Revelry (Instrumental)
Rose Red
Russian Bride
Save You
Second Hand Faith
Start Another Story
Syringe (Instrumental)
Take the Pill
Thank God I'm Pretty
The Art of Suicide
The Key
Time for Tea
Unlaced (Instrumental)
We Want Them Young
What Will I Remember?
Willow (Instrumental)
4 o'Clock
4 o'Clock Reprise (Instrumental)

General InformationEdit

"By the Sword" is the title track of Emilie Autumn's charity Single By the Sword. It was released in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. All proceeds went to the Red Cross.

A poem version was printed in the 2005 poetry book Your Sugar Sits Untouched, which was accompanied by a spoken-word two-disc set of Autumn reading aloud her poems.

It was re-released on April 23, 2007 on Autumn's compilation album A Bit O' This & That, along with other titles from the out-of-print single.


Album: By the Sword

  • Track Number: 1
  • Length: 5:11
  • Released: 2001

Album/Book: Your Sugar Sits Untouched

  • Poem #34
  • Disc: 2
  • Track Number: 11
  • Type: Spoken Word

Album: A Bit O' This & That

  • Track Number: 4
  • Length: 5:11
  • Released: April 23, 2007


“Days of old,” I tell my restless mind
Searching mountains, fields, and meadows green
What is it my heart can hope to find
All I long for I have never seen
Tales of glory written in the dust
Tapestries of deepest purple gold
Legends carved in stone tell me I must
Journey through the mist and bitter cold
Seeking in the corners of the earth
My companions I have never known
Blindly running forth, is honor worth
Endless hours of silence spent alone?

But in this brotherhood I still believe
And for the ones we’ve lost my soul will grieve
Yet through the world alone I wander for I know somewhere
I will find my brothers, by the sword I swear

In my memory awakening
Like a dream too sweet to cast away
Shadows of the past begin to sing
Calling out to me in their gallant way
Come away with us brother in arms
Through the seas of silver, fields of gold
Join us as we battle those who harm
And fight with valour as in days of old


Seeking in the corners of the earth
My companions I have never known
Blindly running forth, is honor worth
Endless hours of silence spent alone?


Rescue damsels fine and maidens fair
Free the noble who have done no wrong
Though it seems the world may little care
Some are left that to the Round belong


But in this brotherhood we still believe
And for the ones we’ve lost our souls will grieve
Yet through the world alone we wander for we know somewhere
We will find our brothers, by the sword we swear

By the sword I swear
I will find my brothers
I will find my sisters
I will find my brothers
I will find my sisters
By the sword I swear

Sheet MusicEdit


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