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Record LabelsEdit


Year Album Release Record Label
1997 Violin Demo Messina Productions
1997 On a Day... Traitor Records
2001 Chambermaid EP Seraph Records
2001 By the Sword Traitor Records
2003 Enchant Traitor Records
2006 Opheliac EP  Traitor Records
2006 Opheliac Trisol Records
2007 On a Day... digital re-release Trisol Records
2007 Liar/Dead is the New Alive EP Trisol Records
2007 Laced/Unlaced Trisol Records
2007 A Bit O' This and That Trisol Records
2007 Enchant re-release Trisol Records
2008 4 o'Clock EP Trisol Records
2008 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & Bohemian Rhapsody EP Trisol Records
2009 Opheliac: The Deluxe Edition The End Records
2009 The Opheliac Companion The Asylum Emporium
2012 Fight Like A Girl The Asylum Emporium
Year Single Release Record Label
2007 Liar Trisol Records
2007 Dead is the New Alive Trisol Records
2007 Swallow Trisol Records
2008 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Trisol Records
2012 Fight Like A Girl The Asylum Emporium

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