A Cure? (Instrumental)
Ancient Grounds (Instrumental)
A Strange Device (Instrumental)
Be Silent, Be Still
Best Safety Lies in Fear
By the Sword
Castle Down
Cold (Instrumental)
Come Away
Dead is the New Alive
Dominant (Instrumental)
Don't Blame Me
Epilogue (Instrumental)
Epilogue: What If?
Face the Wall (Instrumental)
Faces Like Mine
Fight Like a Girl
Find Me a Man
Gaslight Reprise (Instrumental)
Gentlemen Aren't Nice
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Gloomy Sunday
God Help Me
Gothic Lolita
Goodnight, Sweet Ladies
Heard it All
Hell is Empty (Instrumental)
Hollow Like My Soul
How Strange
I Don't Understand
I Know Where You Sleep
I Lost My Mind But I Found My Body
I Want My Innocence Back
If I Burn
If You Feel Better
In Reality
In the Lake
Lady Anne
Leech Jar (Instrumental)
Let it Die
Let the Record Show
Mad Girl
Manatee Retard
Manic Depression (Instrumental)
Marry Me
Misery Loves Company
Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches
My Fairweather Friend
Never You Mind
O Mistress Mine
On a Day... (Instrumental)
One Foot in Front of The Other
One Foot in the Grave
Organ Grinder (Instrumental)
Photographic Memory
Prologue (Instrumental)
Prologue: Across the Sky
Revelry (Instrumental)
Rose Red
Russian Bride
Save You
Second Hand Faith
Start Another Story
Syringe (Instrumental)
Take the Pill
Thank God I'm Pretty
The Art of Suicide
The Key
Time for Tea
Unlaced (Instrumental)
We Want Them Young
What Will I Remember?
Willow (Instrumental)
4 o'Clock
4 o'Clock Reprise (Instrumental)

"What If?" is the fourteenth and final track on Emilie Autumn's Enchant, released 2003. On the physical copy of the album, the song is called "Epilogue: What If?" a reference to it being the last track and therefore considered the "epilogue" to the story Emilie is trying to tell throughout the album. It is a fan favorite and was performed during several Enchant era shows. She also attempted to sing it again using harpsichord (rather than the traditional piano the song was originally recorded with) during several Opheliac shows. Although she did forget some lyrics and misplace certain verses, the audience helped her to remember and she did perform smoothly overall.


Album: Enchant

  • Track: 14
  • Length: 4:09
  • Release: February 26, 2003


Here you sit in your high-backed chair
Wonder how the view is from there
I wouldn't know 'cause I like to sit
Upon the floor, yeah upon the floor
If you like we could play a game
Let's pretend that we are the same
But you will have to look much closer
Than you do, closer than you do

And I'm far too tired to stay here anymore
And I don't care what you think anyway
'Cause I think you were wrong about me
Yeah, what if you were, what if you were?

And what if I'm a snowstorm burning?
What if I'm a world unturning?
What if I'm an ocean, far too shallow, much too deep?
What if I'm the kindest demon,
Something you may not believe in?
What if I'm a siren singing gentlemen to sleep?

I know you've got it figured out
Tell me what I am all about
And I just might learn a thing or two
Hundred about you, maybe about you
I'm the end of your telescope
I don't change just to suit your vision
'Cause I am bound by a fraying rope
Around my hands, tied around my hands

And you close your eyes when I say I'm breaking free
And put your hands over both your ears
Because you cannot stand to believe I'm not
The perfect girl you thought
Well what have I got to lose?

And what if I'm a weeping willow
Laughing tears upon my pillow?
What if I'm a socialite who wants to be alone?
What if I'm a toothless leopard?
What if I'm a sheepless shepherd?
What if I'm an angel without wings to take me home?

You don't know me
Never will, never will
I'm outside your picture frame
And the glass is breaking now
You can't see me
Never will, never will
If you're never gonna see

What if I'm a crowded desert,
Too much pain with little pleasure?
What if I'm the nicest place you never want to go?
What if I don't know who I am?
Will that keep us both from trying
To find out and when you have
Be sure to let me know

What if I'm a snowstorm burning?
What if I'm a world unturning?
What if I'm an ocean, far too shallow, much too deep?
What if I'm the kindest demon,
Something you may not believe in?
What if I'm a siren singing gentlemen to sleep?

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