On A Day...
On a Day
Background Information
Released 2000
Recorded 1997
Length 34:58
Genre Classical music
Label Traitor Records
On a Day: Music for Violin & Continuo (commonly referred to as: On a Day...) is the debut instrumental album by Emilie Autumn, released in 1997. The album was recorded in 1997 when Autumn was seventeen years old. Its title refers to the fact that the album took only a day to record. It consists of her performing works for the baroque violin accompanied by friends on the cello, harpsichord, and lute. She considered it "more of a demo despite its length", and released it as "a saleable album" after fans who enjoyed her "rock performances starting asking for a classical album so that they could hear more of the violin".

On a Day... was originally released by Emilie Autumn on her own record label, Traitor Records, in 1997 after recording the album in one day. The album was re-released digitally by Trisol Music Group. The album was again re-released as "Laced" on Emilie's second instrumental album Laced / Unlacedthough proper credit for the original artists who played instruments other than the violin was missing.

Track ListingEdit

Track Composer Length
1. "La Folia" Arcangelo Corelli 10:18
2. "Recercada" Diego Ortiz 1:43
3. "Largo" Johann S. Bach 4:02
4. "Allegro" Johann S. Bach 3:21
5. "Adagio" Jean-Marie Leclair 3:36
6. "Tambourin" Jean-Marie Leclair 1:52
7. "Willow" Emilie Autumn 5:49
8. "Revelry" Emilie Autumn 1:56
9. "On a Day..." Emilie Autumn 2:30

Personnel Edit

  • Emilie Autumn – baroque violin
  • Roger Lebow – baroque cello
  • Michael Egan – lute
  • Edward Murray – harpsichord

Violin Promo CD

There is also a promo version of On a Day... circulating about the world, which Emilie released in her youth as a demo classical CD to submit to the appropriate people in the music industry. The artwork of the album varies from case to case, but the tracklisting is the same. The tracklist is identical to the release of the official album. The gallery (see below) contains pictures of the rare promos. These discs were sold on eBay. 


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